Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

With experience in commercial real estate transactions of up to $60 million, RBG Law is prepared to assist you with your commercial real estate purchase, sale, finance, refinance, leasing or development.

Commercial real estate sales required a dedicated attorney that will manage the ups and downs of a process to keep the deal on track.

There are numerous traps for the unwary and points of negotiation when entering into a lending arrangement. Hiring a lawyer with expertise and that has represented numerous lenders can be the leverage you need to get the best financing arrangement.

Commercial Leases can be in a language all their own, with numerous critical points of negotiation outside of price per square foot. Whether you are a real estate owner negotiating a triple net lease with a tenant, or a tenant opening a new business and looking to keep costs down, RBH Law has the experience necessary to get the lease negotiated and signed on time.

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